How Our Site Works

We provide starting bloggers with an audience to continue developing. Improve your account with us and succeed!
Buy Followers

What Services We Provide?

At FollowerUs, you can buy followers for your Instagram account. The amount can vary from 100 to 20 000. All you need to do is enter your login and the required number. In a few minutes, new followers will appear. Sometimes you'll wait for 24 to 72 hours if there are many requests.

You can also use a free followers service. Enter your email address and login, and receive 10 free subscribers. Moreover, there are Likes and Views tools.

Is It Safe?

You don't need to provide your password for our services. So, your account stays protected, and no one receives access to it. Your credit card data is completely protected by algorithms. We advise you to pay in crypto for stronger security and actively support this way of payment.

How Is It Profitable?

Purchasing followers helps to develop your account in many aspects. With many followers, you get more attention from other users. People show more interest if your account is well-designed and popular. There is a simple rule — the more followers you have, the more of them you'll get further. So, buying subscribers works as a starting point for developing an account.

Next, you get faster account growth. With many followers, you get closer to the trend's top, and your posts are offered to other users. If you sell some products, more customers will get interested in your offer.

The Algorithm of Buying Followers with Us

  1. Select the number of followers you want.
  2. Choose if you want standard or premium subscribers.
  3. Tap the Pay button and pick the suitable payment method.
  4. After proceeding, new subscribers will appear in the shortest terms.

What Number of Followers to Buy?

It depends on the purpose you have. Do you want to become a micro-influencer from scratch? Buy one or two thousand subscribers and find a real audience. If your goal is to open specific options on Instagram, then the number of 500 will be enough.